In 2015, SURJ launched a door knocking project to support groups who wanted to canvass in white neighborhoods about the movement for Black Lives. Since then, over 80 groups have led door-knocking projects in their communities. 

SURJ is supporting chapters across the country who want to hit the streets and bring more white people into the fight for racial justice through door-knocking.

Check out our SURJ Canvassing Toolkit here for support setting goals, building a team, choosing where to canvass, training canvassers, sample scripts and more. 

Join SURJ chapters across the country every other Tuesday at 8 EST for a canvassing check-in! You'll be able to share out what you're accomplishing, receive coaching on any roadblocks and challenges, and learn from what other chapters. 

Below are a series of resources for folks who want to start a door knocking project in their community. If you have questions or want to talk to connect with someone else in SURJ who has done this before, e-mail us at, Subject:  ATTN CANVASSING.  Please share feedback with us on your experience, learnings and suggestions for other chapters!