SURJ Atlanta seeks to achieve collective liberation by ending white supremacy, recognizing that this can only be accomplished within an intersectional context.  We envision a world where all systems of oppression are dismantled and all are truly free.

“If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” - Lilla Watson


Within the context of a multiracial movement we work to end white support for white supremacy through:

1)      Education: Helping people develop a better understanding of white supremacy and how to interrupt systems of oppression in our daily lives

2)      Policy change: ending white supremacist policies and legislation

3)      Amplification of oppressed voices: showing up for actions, sharing their words and thoughts, and trusting their lived experiences


●       Personal Growth – Mistakes are inevitable and a part of growth. We value creating a space for growth and learning from our mistakes. We commit to helping each other grow by calling each other in versus calling each other out. We commit to a lifelong process of listening, questioning, unlearning, relearning, and recentering, and are invested in continuing to educate ourselves and other persons with privilege for the rest of our lives.

●       Discomfort as a change agent – We believe that taking risks and sitting in discomfort helps breed personal change and greater understanding. We commit to continuing to move forward despite discomfort.

●       Flexibility – We recognize that the needs of this movement and the groups we strive to work with are ever changing. We commit to flexibility in this environment of constant change.

●       Accountability through Collective Action – We work to dismantle systemic forms of oppression by practicing accountability to POC-led groups engaged in this work. We commit to being accountable to POC-led groups by showing up in support of these groups’ actions and projects as part of a multi-racial movement for change. We are also accountable within the white community to initiate organizing and move white people to action. While we are responsible for organizing ourselves, we take guidance from the people directly impacted by racial injustice, who know best what they need.

●       Intersectional understanding of our world - We firmly believe that oppressions are not isolated, but interlinked and cannot be solved alone. We commit to acknowledging our relative positions of power within this intersectional context and viewing racial justice work through this lens.